More value to your commitment for a better future

Welcome to faber, the partner created to assist SMEs in reporting their sustainability.

The name is made up from the initials of the three entities involved in the project – Freebly, Bilanciarsi and Redpoint – cardinal points of an ecosystem created to provide integrated advice on governance and compliance, reporting and disclosures, creative communication and engagement in the sustainability sphere.

Faber takes businesses by the hand and accompanies them on a customized path of analysis, measurement and valorization of their ESG commitments, on the basis of a scalable and flexible model.

Faber proposes a fully rigorous approach to sustainability, but one that is also pragmatic and accessible, fully compatible with the practicality typical of people who, as business-makers or suppliers to more extensive chains,
do business in the field and have to face the daily reality of the market.

Why “faber”

Faber also means “he who does“, inspired by the Renaissance concept of homo faber in coherence with the current phase of neo-humanism in which every entrepreneur can reclaim the role of builder of the future world with greater awareness.