A virtuos circle between business, sustainability
and stakeholder
Modern Reporting documents and their organisation into ad hoc engagement touchpoints are strategic communication tools that can convey value-based content to an ever growing, more informed and aware audience.
Reporting & CSR
Annual, Sustainability, Integrated Report
Economic results, value creation processes, missions, purposes, sustainability measures, etc., all need to be properly and effectively formalised, viewed and shared, so they can make a positive impact on stakeholders’ decisions.
We offer you a team of specialist consultants with 20 years of experience in planning and managing processes, content analysis, and designing and organising creative concepts… a priceless overview that becomes a tangible competitive asset.

Exclusive Affiliate

Toppan Merrill


Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Toppan Merrill, we can offer an advanced solution for tagging annual financial reports and consolidated financial statements (iXBRL/XBRL) following the core taxonomy approved by the ESMA.
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